Laundry Room Shelves Best Storage Organization Ideas

Organization is an important element in laundry rooms. You have to make sure that everything is in place for the easy access and practicality. You can rely on hampers, laundry carts, tilt out cabinetry and others. Well, you should not neglect the shelf. Laundry room shelves provide great open storage and display at the same time. In the corner area and over washer dryer are most used spaces for the shelving units. Well, depending on your laundry room layout and personal taste, it is about customization.

Do it yourself laundry room shelves can be a great project in your weekend. Indeed, this is for people with woodworking skill. In how to make organization in small laundry rooms, shelving unit has always been one of the essentials. The element plays as storage and display that gives significant decor.

Laundry Room Shelves and Decor Ideas

There are elements that determine the quality of your laundry shelving unit. Size, shape, color, finish and surely strength are values that really matter. Check these out!

Size – Make sure not to oversize the existing space available. If it does, then it may cause problem with your practicality. Under cabinetry or above the sink has always been very nice to give the area more values. Depending on what items to store on the shelving, make sure to steadily hold them in place.

Shape – Mostly, the shelving units are in form of boards that spread. If installation in the corner is possible, then it is the better. Just follow the most beneficial layout of your laundry room.

Color – The element has always been important. Choosing neutral color is always wise too. White, grey or unfinished wood, the decision is yours to make.

Finish – Wood or metal? Both have different characteristics. Wood is more versatile than metal. However, when it comes to strength and class, wire shelves are nice with more practicality too.

Extra features such as hanging rod can make a fine addition if possible. There are shelves for sale at online sites. Names such as Lowes, Amazon and IKEA are reliable. Find your laundry room shelves as a great investment to both decor and storage!